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16 / 09 / 2008
Welcome to HTC-Unlocks.



Nike Sec / CID / SIM Unlocker

For HTC Nike (HTC Touch Dual / HTC p5500 / O2 XDA Star / Dopod S600 / T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus)

Want to SIM Unlock your Touch Dual ?

Look no further, here is the solution, the Nike SIM, CID and Security Unlock Tool - many devices now have been set to reject *ANY* unlock code or no correct code can be found - OUR solution BYPASSES this problem completely, so YOU CAN USE OUR UNLOCKER WITH CONFIDENCE! with instant delivery!

Highlights: Easy to use unlocker, guaranteed to work - as it has been developed by no other but two of the most widely recognized people for tweaking HTC devices; we have been working for the HTC community for years. Also with free support via email from this link:
Unlocker Support

The base price is £11 or €14 (about $20) and any donation under 16 quid or 20 euros gets £0.50/€0.65 added, to cover fees. However, we consider this "contributionware" and for that reason, you can of course opt to pay more than £11/€14. Please do note that donations in multiples of £11/€14 do of course convey the right to multiple device unlocks... so hold on to that confirmation code.

For bulk unlocking, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can provide you with an efficient unlocking solution using our support link above

Please enter your IMEI in the box below (do *#06# on the dialpad or look on the label under your battery) and your purchase amount (no less than £11/€14) then click to buy. An IMEI always starts with 35, Do not type any spaces

we will send the software to the e-mail from which the payment originates, and NO OTHER.



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